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The Court of Miracles


Requires [The Queen’s Butcher].


Poor Violet Arrow. He successfully limited the explosion but it cost him a lot of pain and the loss of an arm. Arrow thinks it’s high tide the Queen is told what’s going on in her court, and tells you to give Chamberla the message to pass along to her. Accept to begin [The Court of Miracles].

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Is it true that Chamberla is the mother of the Queen?

Does she reveal the Queen’s name?

Does the Queen confirm if she’s a demi-god as Vil Smis has guessed?

Thread the Needle


Last time on [The Origins of Evil]..


Last time we learned that the cause of the past and future Altdemon invasion was our intervention, we turn to the Doc for help.

Doc believes that the best solution to manually repair the framework of time around that Rip, and it will have to be done without drawing unnecessary attention.You’ll have to return to the world of the Twelve and speak to Henual the timekeeper himself and being [Thread the Needle].

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Too glad to see another quest with Henual’s intervention, and no less that against hordemons!

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