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  • Netflix is going to toss in French audio for the episodes along with English audio for countries which did not have access to it. No ETA.
  • Ankama is aware of issues with the English audio and are looking into it. No promises.
  • Kickbackers get access to the Special Episodes/OVA.
  • Screenshots of the first episode, Throne of Ice.

When can I start throwing my creditcard at the screen so I can buy the Specials DVD WITH English subtitles, Ankama? I WANT IT!!

I want an answer so I can soothe my waiting of despair T^T

nelsonmagno asked:

Hi Izmar. Dofus' letters (symbols) seen in Kerub's episodes are actually usable? Are they in-game?


There are quite a few examples of in-game text in the backgrounds, but it varies a lot!

You have some text which could be similar to the animated series text:



Then you have texts that are just obscured:


There there are texts using the Roman alphabet that are clearly in French:


Aaaaand then there are also texts in the Roman alphabet that are in English:



And some that are mixed:

There are heaps of little details that you can find in the backgrounds of nearly every Dofus map, including references to Mr. Crepin himself…


So I would encourage anyone interested in hidden messages to check them out!

As for if the text in the Animated Series can be deciphered… I happened to be subtitling an interview with the Wakfu animation team the other day that mentioned accidentally adding a typo into the draconic texts seen when Alibert receives the message about Yugo, so it seems likely that some of them could potentially be de-coded…

A french friend posted this alphabet from the anime:



I’m sure I remember someone on Tumblr mentioning that by the Wakfu Era, Explorancient is dead. Maybe it’s a title not a name, and Pandora’s going to get promoted soon?

*deep breath*

Back on topic.
I’ve only just begun my research of the Voyagers, so I can’t really comment, but it sounds logical?
Also, what is that place? (I don’t play Dofus :( )


Theory: the needles and canisters (?) on Flexington’s (and the second identical machine from Merkator’s cell) head(?) are the sould extractor used to change a human soul into the Foggernaut power core

I feel like those two have an additional purpose apart from being huge and tanky - the stock…

greentaleteller asked:

Can you recommend any good Wakfu/Dofus blogs?





Oh boy I have NO idea, because I’ve joined the fandom long time ago, but I think these ones still blog/reblog Wakfu stuff:




Sorry I couldn’t help more :(



You flatter me <3 but don’t forget izmarvelousicpesilveynwakfunewfan and brotherhoodoftofuv2 for all those Wakfu and Dofus needs.


THANKS SO MUCH FOR HELPING <3 I think I didn’t know this blogs until now :3

I forgot sebaanacho ! He helps with the subbing and translating for the Spanish Wakfu and Dofus fans. And I also forgot nelsonmagno , lots of lore and information from this guy. Then there is fen825 with their lovely Wakfu art. Also suricatessen and kuzann with their fan fiction. I am sure I missed a few… plenty actually. Like snarkposts, piotrmil and ask-wakfu. Oh man… the list goes on!

And you are most welcome!

lots of lore and…" -appears from the shadow:

I would recommend the General Lore Thread of Wakfu Forum. (Topics in Spanish)

Its autor: Major Caligari.

A forummate: Acher.

The Krosmoz wikia should be interesting for beginners.

And don’t forget to visit the official Timeline.


New Exclusive Book 4 Clip

the-dreamspinner check it, lady! Can you feeeeeel the hype? FEEEL ET!

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