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Hey, folks! Are you all frustrated that Nickelodeon still hasn’t released a soundtrack from Avatar: The Last Airbender? I know I am! Well, one solution to this problem is to join an orchestra and perform Jeremy Zuckerman’s beautiful scores yourselves!

The New Orleans Volunteer Orchestra performs ‘Peace’ from ATLA. 

This made me teary-eyed, partially due to hearing this particular piece of music again, but also because this amazing group of people dedicated their time and talents to this. Great work!


I got this passion for Ankama even though I barely play Dofus currently. I love to collect their books and goodies! So I went to buy 5 magazines. Even though they are french and I don’t understand it. Magazines are awesome and I love to collect that aswell. Now I have to wait for it to arrive ;<

I can’t wait to get it and show my mother who plays Wakfu. ;D

(Fans of Ankama for like 8 years now! )

It would be interesting if you let us knows any lore articles :D

Vulkania - The forgotten legend of Grozilla & Grasmera (in English!!!, you can read the original french version or the spanish version at the end)

Grozilla. Grasmera. These two names can make the most audacious Iop quiver in his boots. Today, everyone knows the name of these creatures of legend and tremble at the idea of meeting them on some dark day. Even so, who among us really understands their history?

Une dragonne volatile

In the middle of the first age, when dates did not exist and Xelor had not yet dreamt up his mighty Clock, the powerful dragons were the privileged audience at the awakening of the World. Powerful, yes. Equal, not always… Even among the most distinguished, the divine Dragons who sowed the worlds, there were favorites of the God Osamodas.

Among them was a dragoness by the name of Crocabulia who dreamt of nothing but the day of her ascension into the ranks of Osamoda’s first-rate dragons. But all of her efforts came to naught; Crocabulia could not earn the favor of the God. It should be said that Osamodas had his reasons. Unable to deny herself the advances of another Dragon, Crocabulia was not worthy to achieve such a rank.

When she allowed herself to be enticed by the grandeurs of Gragoularasalar and gave birth to their son, Crocoburio, Osamodas decided to turn a blind eye and granted her another chance. But Crocabulia yielded again, this time to Croulaklakoss, a huge white dragon and the rival of Gragoularasalar.

Again, she had to submit to the stern glare of Osamodas and beg forgiveness. In spite of his exasperation with such low behavior and in the stubbornness of the dragoness, the God wound up offering her a deal.

« A new race has just hatched » whispered the God to the Dragoness « but they are still fragile and vulnerable. They need a protector, a security guard for their Sanctuary. Take responsibility for their protection, prove to me your value by completing this mission, and you will be able to aspire to the draconic elite, able to become equal to my divine Dragons. »

These words crossed generations, passed from sage to sage, adventurer to adventurer. However, no one knows how they were really pronounced. Besides, who would have been capable of comprehending the language of Dragons?

Without hesitation, Crocobulia accepted the God’s proposal.

Skeptical, Osamodas took measures to make sure that the Dragoness would properly complete the mission entrusted to her. He took two of her offspring - Grozilla and Grasmera - plunged them into a deep sleep, then locked them up in a room hidden under the Sanctuary that the Dragoness had to protect. Both Dragons could only wake up much later, once the Dragoness’s mission was complete and the Dreggons gained maturity.

Des hommes trop vaniteux

In the south of flourishing Amakna, a small village was built in the middle of the peninsula of the most gentle, domesticated bastion of human civilization. These erudite people would eventually give this community the name of “The Primordial Village.”

At this point in history, science and magic had reached a pinnacle. Humans carried on an unconditional love affair with knowledge. When recalling this epoch, the historo-dofuso-philosopher Panglauce said that “everything fell easily into place for the good of the world.”

But like all winning streaks, it couldn’t go on forever…

The scales were tipped when, by the most incredible of chances, an inhabitant discovered the entrance to a cavern located to the northwest of the village. An expedition was sent in, allowing men to make first contact with a strange race of creatures: Dreggons….

Time passed and more expeditions were launched, giving humans the chance to study this new breed with as much respect as they had curiosity. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before malevolent ideas began to germinate in the minds of the least scrupulous scholars. Little by little, these men set up a breeding plan for the Dreggons. Its purpose: to trigger the creation of a new Dofus!

Every care was taken to circumvent the natural recalcitrance of the Dreggons and the attention of the one who was charged with their protection. For a long time, these efforts of man bore no fruit. Until the fateful day when…

A scarlet egg, laid by a Dragostess, awoke the curiosity of the scholars. Quickly, they realized that this egg concealed a rare power. They stole the egg away and returned to the Primordial Village. But the men were unaware that they would be responsible for awakening the Dreggons’ dormant aggression! Thrown into a panic at the idea that these beasts could want to take revenge, the scholars condemned the entrance of the Sanctuary, constructed a temple to guard what lurked below, and fled.

              Deux réveils, une vengeance

Their crime went unpunished for months, until the day that Osamodas caught wind of what had happened. The god flew into furious rage and vowed to punish the men.

Osamodas appeared in the middle of the Dreggons’ Sanctuary, precisely where he had placed Grozilla and Grasmera, who were still growing, even while locked in their long sleep. He brought them to full awakening and put an end to their captivity. With full information of the situation, both Dragons broke through to the upper floors of the Sanctuary and found the Dreggons held captive there. Without a pause, and with full consent of their cousins, they breached the ceiling of the Sanctuary, piercing the floor of the Kanojedo constructed above.

Both Dragons saw sunlight for the first time as they emerged. But this was no time to revel! The egg must be found immediately and the humans taught a good lesson! Never before has such a massacre taken place… The Primordial Village was utterly ruined, what survivors there were fled to the north of Amakna.

With the battle ended and the last human scattered, Crocabulia emerged from the den for the first time in eons. The Dragoness joined her children in the middle of the devastated village, clutched the scarlet egg in her talons, and immediately returned to the Sanctuary. Since then, Crocabulia has passionately protected this precious egg, coiled in the entrails of its dungeon.

Some survivors of the Primordial Village walked northward, up to the borders of the Crackler Mountains where they built a new village. Some of the Dreggons developed a taste for the light of day and took up residence on the peninsula which now bears their name. Others have decided to remain safe inside the Sanctuary. As for Grozilla and Grasmera, they burrowed back into the unknown depths of the Sanctuary, where no one else dares to go…

Official source: English, French (alternative), Spanish.

This story can be complemented with the 4 books (it needs an update) found in Vulkania and the conversation with the NPCs in the Dreggon Peninsula (Ziho and Syn Jorge).

Books found ingame in Vulkania:

1. The legend of Grozilla and Grasmera.

2. Vulkania, Land of Adventures.

3. Of Sauroshells and Dreggons.

4. Project Vulkania.

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